2003 – 15th Reunion

Almost 1,800 people were back on campus for Reunion Weekend 2018! Classmates, family, and friends enjoyed a Night at the Museum, sampled the finest in New England craft beers, danced to Motown band Soul City, attended inspiring talks by fellow alumni, ate lobster, sang, savored the beauty of Bowdoin in the summertime, and most importantly, enjoyed visiting with old friends. ​​​​​​​​​​​

View photos taken by this year’s Reunion Student Ambassadors.​​

The following people attended the Class of 2003 Reunion:

Lily Alt ’03
Mike Balulescu ’03
Julia Sanders Bromka ’03
Rachel Tannebring Brown ’03
Pat Burns ’03
Gordon Clark ’03
Ashley Anderson Cohane ’03
Peter Cohenno ’03
Sarah Coleman ’03
Arlyn Davich ’03
Bill Day ’03
Beth Ford Dunne ’03
Christina Edwards ’03
Kim Cooper Esposito ’03
Dan Flack ’03
Kevin Folan ’03
Chris Fuller ’03
Amy Funkenstein ’03
Jenna Goldman ’03
Lindsay Steinmetz Haldeman ’03
Corinne Pellegrini Jones ’03
Colin Joyner ’03
Andrew Knapp ’03
Tyler Lange ’03
Tim Lazarus ’03
Amanda Boer Lazarus ’03
Ali Levie ’03
Bert Mayer ’03
Whitney Morris ’03
Stephen O’Malley ’03
Selvin Ohene ’03
Kristi Royer Ouellette ’03
Katie Smith Rasmussen ’03
Nell Richmond ’03
Tommy Scifres ’03
Katie Semro ’03
Gloria Shen ’03
Sean Starke ’03
Whitney Hodgkins Taggart ’03
Joanie Taylor ’03
Jill Bouyea Thompson ’03
Dave Turco ’03
Jana Richardson Turco ’03
Eric Tustison ’03
Matt Volk ’03
Julie Dawson Williams ’03
Laura Windecker ’03
Debbie Philbrick Wissel ’03

15th Reunion Committee 

Mara Caruso Henckler, Co-Chair
Amanda Boer Lazarus, Co-Chair

Sydney Asbury
​Mike Balulescu
Megan Lim Blair
Ryan Brawn
Lindsay Steinmetz Haldeman ​
Colleen Mathews​
Nachel Mathoda
Bert Mayer
Daniel Miller
Ali George Rundlett
​Joanie Taylor
Jill Bouyea Thompson
Patrick Vardaro
Matt Volk
Julie Dawson Williams

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