1988 – 30th Reunion

Almost 1,800 people were back on campus for Reunion Weekend 2018! Classmates, family, and friends enjoyed a Night at the Museum, sampled the finest in New England craft beers, danced to Motown band Soul City, attended inspiring talks by fellow alumni, ate lobster, sang, savored the beauty of Bowdoin in the summertime, and most importantly, enjoyed visiting with old friends. ​​​​​​​​​

View photos taken by this year’s Reunion Student Ambassadors.​​​​​

The following people attended the Class of 1988 Reunion:

Kyle Appell ’88
Prosper Barter Kasrel ’88
Jeff Battiston ’88
Morgan Binswanger ’88
Mike Botelho ’88
Sarah Bullock ’88
Jennifer Holland Burns ’88
Heidi Cameron ’88
Scott Crocker ’88
Kevin Daner ’88
Sarah Smith DeFreitas ’88
Rob DeFreitas ’88
Nancy Delaney ’88
Kate Dempsey ’88
Joanna DeWolfe ’88
Misa Erder ’88
Scott Feldman ’88
Heidi Snyder Flagg ’88
Lisa Gardner ’88
Andy Godfrey ’88
Kate Herz ’88
George Hillhouse ’88
Peter Hodum ’88
Sarah Holloway ’88
Paul Korngiebel ’88
Kate Kramer ’88
Peter LaMontagne ’88
Joanna Leary ’88
August Lembong ’88
Fred Lipp ’88
David Lyman ’88
Dave Mazzella ’88
Rob McCabe ’88
Eddie McDonnell ’88
Chris McGlincey ’88
Julie McGirl McGlincey ’88
Ryan McGuire ’88
Susan Flood McLaughlin ’88
Theresa O’Hearn Gay ’88
Maggie Patrick ’88
Brad Rabitor ’88
Hilary Rapkin ’88
Jill Roberts Deans ’88
Ben Schwartz ’88
Jane Branson Smack ’88
Mark Spencer ’88
Cyndy Sperry ’88
Ruby Spicer ’88
Leslie Stone ’88
John Stonestreet ’88
Stuart Strong ’88
Colm Sweeney ’88
Jamie Wallace ’88
Sharon Yandian ’88

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Reunion Committee

Sarah Bullock
Cindy Heller
Paul Korngiebel
Stuart Strong

Class Agents
Mike Botelho
J.B. Dilsheimer
John Doughty

Kevin Daner
Frank Days
​Peter Dillon
Scott Feldman
Heidi Snyder Flagg
Jay Gibbons
Calvin Hastings
Peter LaMontagne
Fred Lipp
Tiffany Lynch
Rob McCabe
Phil Napolitano
Steve Polikoff
​Beth Danaher Savage
Leslie Stone
John Stonestreet
Mike Szwajkowski
​​​​Sharon Yandian