1983 – 35th Reunion

As of May 25, the following people have registered for the Class of 1983 Reunion​

Janet Andrews ’83
Laura Barnard ’83
Marijane Benner Browne ’83
Leon Boghossian ’83
Adam Briggs ’83
Jeannie Brountas ’83
Elizabeth Dahl ’83
Rary Delaney ’83
Dave DiOrio ’83
Dave Ferranti ’83
Susan Fischer ’83
Deb Foote ’83
Oscar Harrell ’83
Ellen Hubbard Hart ’83
Reed Hastings ’83
Anna Hayes ’83
Shelley Hearne ’83
Steve Hutchins ’83
Deborah Carpenter Jenson ’83
Chris Jerome ’83
Jon Kahn ’83
Heather Kenvin ’83
Kristi King Eiane ’83
Cath Owen Koning ’83
Sue Schneider Landry ’83
Andrea Waldman Lockwood ’83
Rob Mack ’83
Steve Marrow ’83
Maura McGovern Solca ’83
Louise Merriman ’83
Lissa McGrath Millett ’83
Rocks Nawrocki ’83
Linda Nelson ’83
Judy Ocker Schulz ’83
Nick Pilch ’83
Melissa Roderick ’83
Bob Sameski ’83
Whitney Sanford ’83
Eric Shapiro ’83
Ron Stone ’83
John Theberge ’83
Michael Traister ’83
Dave Verrill ’83
Daniel Vestyck ’83
Tom Walsh ’83
Jaime Ward ’83
Jane Kimball Warren ’83
Pammy Washburn Griffin ’83
Bob Whelan ’83

View photos taken by student ambassadors at our 30th Reunion in 2013. Relive the memories and get ready to celebrate!


The Class of ’82 is pleased to share the very talented Photons Band with the Class of ’83, for your 35th (yikes) Reunion! 

Photon ‘Phan’  t-shirts are available. Order your t-shirts soon as there is limited quantity. $11.00 ( wholesale cost, the only profit here is to have ‘ phun’ ). Add shipping and handling if you don’t want to pick it up at the reunion.

How to Reserve your Photon Phan Shirt:  email Srrenvyle@gmail.com (please put “Photon Phan T-shirt” in the subject line).  Shirts come in unisex size s, m, l, xl.

Watch out 83’s, the Class of 82 is threatening to crash the bash!

Health and Happiness to 83!
Susan Reis-Renvyle ’82 (Photon Groupie)
“82’s Just Wanna Have  Phun”


Dear Classmates,

When we graduated from Bowdoin in 1983, “social media” meant posters and flyers in the mailroom. Our social networks consisted of fraternities, teams, and student activities, and the only thing with 24-hour connectivity was the Coke machine in the basement of Moulton Union. While much has changed since our senior year, our love for Bowdoin stays constant. We invite you back for a weekend on campus to celebrate Bowdoin then and now at our 35th Reunion, Thursday, May 31 through Sunday, June 3.

Reunion Weekend will feature hundreds of events, programs, and gatherings to engage and entertain us throughout the weekend. Programs include Reunion Talks by alumni and faculty, a boat trip to Eagle Island in Casco Bay, special evening access to the Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Bowdoin Brewfest, Alumni Parade and Convocation ceremony, and a traditional Maine lobster bake by Bowdoin’s award-winning Dining Services.

Special events for Class of ’83:

Friday evening House Party at our class headquarters, TD (MacMillan House). We’ll get down and enjoy sounds from the 70’s & 80’s with a DJ. This event is generously sponsored by a classmate.

Saturday evening performance at TD by the Photons! We’ll party like it’s our junior year with Randy Shaw ’82, Keith Shortall ’82, Doug Taylor ’82, and Jim Jenson ‘82 who make a triumphant return to the stage.

Start the conversation early and join or check out the Bowdoin Class of 1983 Facebook group or find us on Twitter @bowdoin1983.

We look forward to seeing you soon beneath the pines!

Class of 1983 Reunion Committee,

Reunion Committee Co-Chairs
Janet Andrews | Judy Ocker Schulz | Tom Walsh

Class Agents
​Jeannie Brountas | Jeff Colodny | Charlie Pohl

Reunion Committee
Marijane Benner Browne | Nina Frank | Pammy Washburn Griffin | Shelley Hearne | Heather Kenvin | Laurie Gagnon Lachance | Mary Hickey McNamara | Louise Merriman | Lissa McGrath Millett | Peter Nawrocki | Walt Reynolds | Heidi Hunter Ryder | Danny Shapiro | Dan Standish | Dave Stix | Jane Kimball Warren | Bob Whelan

Online registration for Reunion Weekend 2018 is now closed. If you have not yet registered, please feel free to join us as a walk in guest and register at the Reunion Welcome Center when you arrive on campus. On-campus housing is limited and not guaranteed.
The Reunion Welcome Center will be in Main Lounge of the Moulton Union and hours are:
Thursday, May 31: Noon – 11:00 p.m.
Friday, June 1: 7:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Saturday, June 2: 7:30 a.m. – 11:00 p.m.
Sunday, June 3: 8:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.
We hope to see you soon!

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35th Reunion Committee

​Janet Andrews
Judy Ocker Schulz
Tom Walsh

Class Agents
​Jeannie Brountas
Jeff Colodny
Charlie Pohl

​Marijane Benner Browne
Nina Frank
Pammy Washburn Griffin
​Shelley Hearne
Heather Kenvin
Laurie Gagnon Lachance
Peter Nawrocki
​Mary Hickey McNamara
​Louise Merriman
​​Lissa McGrath Millett
​Walt Reynolds
Heidi Hunter Ryder
Danny Shapiro
Dan Standish
Dave Stix
Jane Kimball Warren
Bob Whelan