1982– 35th Reunion

Thank you to everyone who attended our 35th Reunion! View photos from the weekend

Mike Batal ’82
Carolyn Richins Blanks ’82
Rob Blanks ’82
Kathy Davis Cadigan ’82
Rocco Ciocca ’82
Graham Cody ’82
Diane Houghton Cordeiro ’82
Mark Corner ’82
Susan Johnson Currier ’82
Rick D’Auteuil ’82
Sara Eddy ’82
Andrea Fish ’82
John Fish ’82
Heather Holmes Floyd ’82
Steve Gammon ’82
Mark Girard ’82
Holly Goodale ’82
Gaby Hager Hager ’82
Gigi Grandel Hayden ’82
Brien Henderson ’82
Lauren Tenney Herter ’82
Karen Soderberg Hinchliffe ’82
Nan Donlin Hinton ’82
Lynn Hobin ’82
Brett Hodess ’82
Patrice Hovenesian-Sivco ’82
Dori Stauss Hutchinson ’82
Fran Hutchinson ’82
Hutch Hutchinson ’82
Tasha vanderLinde Irving ’82
Ann Morrill LaBrode ’82
Mark Luz ’82
Melanie May ’82
John Miklus ’82
Kim Labbe Mills ’82
Cheryl Menice Mitchell ’82
Pamela Moore ’82
Sue Moyle ’82
LeeAnn Evans Nash ’82
Mike Nash ’82
John Navratil ’82
Kristen Kolkhorst Nelson ’82
Tom Nichols ’82
Ann Chambers Noble ’82
Deirdre Oakley ’82
Craig Olswang ’82
Andrea Oser ’82
Ed Poole ’82
A.J. Preece ’82
David Prescott ’82
Mike Quinlan ’82
Linda Atlas Reese ’82
Susan Reis-Renvyle ’82
Russ Renvyle ’82
Emily McClure Santaliz ’82
Andy Schilling ’82
Robert Segal ’82
Tricia Simboli ’82
Laura Tiedemann-Barbato ’82
Tom Tortolani ’82
Amy Van Doren ’82
Bill Webber ’82
Dave Weir ’82


When we graduated from Bowdoin in 1982, “social media” meant posters and flyers in the mailroom. Our social networks consisted of fraternities, teams, and student activities and the only thing with 24-hour connectivity was the Coke machine in the basement of Moulton Union. While much has changed since our senior year, our love for Bowdoin stays constant. We invite you back for a weekend on campus to celebrate Bowdoin then and now at our 35th Reunion, Thursday, June 1st through Sunday, June 4th.

A few Reunion highlights to get you excited!

  • Thursday: Explore a bit of Bowdoin history on with a cruise to Eagle Island and the retirement home of arctic explorer Admiral Robert E. Peary, Bowdoin Class of 1877. That night join us for the Reunion Welcome Dinner in Thorne followed by libations and laughs in Smith Union with Maine’s favorite funny guy, comedian Bob Marley.
  • Friday: Heather Holmes Floyd hosts us for a special class cocktail reception at her beautiful home on Mere Point. Afterwards, we will enjoy dinner at the Mere Point Yacht Club next door. Back on campus, the Bowdoin Brewfest will feature tastings from eight different craft breweries, including Night Shift Brewing, founded by two alumni from the Class of ’07! Local favorite, Jerks of Grass, will play.
  • Saturday: A day steeped in Bowdoin Reunion tradition including the Alumni Parade, Carnival on the Quad, and the Lobster Bake. And of course, it wouldn’t be an ’82 Reunion without the Photons! We’ll party like it’s senior year as Randy Shaw, Keith Shortall, Doug Taylor, and Jim Jenson make a triumphant return to the Bowdoin stage at our headquarters on Saturday night followed by a campus-wide party at Smith Union with the Motown band, The Party Factor.

There’s lots to do and see over the weekend, including Back to School speakers, open houses, tours of the new Edwards Arts Center, visits to the Joshua Chamberlain Museum, and more. If you are thinking about bringing your family, kids 17 and under attend Reunion free with weekend long activities for kids of all ages, including rock climbing, Reunion Carnival, and Fun with Physics.

Join us on our class Facebook page to share memories, photos, and more as we get ready for Reunion!

Class of 1982 35th Reunion Committee
Rick D’Auteuil
Kimberly Labbe Mills
Heather Holmes Floyd, Class Agent
Mike Batal
Gigi Grandel Hayden, Class Agent
Rocco Cioccia, Associate Class Agent
​Dave Bean
Julie Bertola Cook
Sara Eddy
John Fish
Mark Girard
Ned Horton
John Miklus
Ann Noble
Andrea Oser
Edward Poole
Sue Reis-Renville
Louise Roman
Andy Schilling

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