1977 – 40th Reunion

We hope you’re planning to attend Reunion 2017 from Thursday, June 1 – Sunday, June 4!

​As of 5/24/2017, the following people have registered for the Class of 1977 Reunion.
Polly Arnoff ’77
Allen Awakessien ’77
Merrill Beckett ’77
Andy Bernstein ’77
Bob Boon ’77
David Brown ’77
Gus Burke ’77
Mark Butterfield ’77
John Butterworth ’77
Case Casey ’77
Mandy Hoagland Clark MacMullan ’77
Dan Claypool ’77
Nancy Collins ’76
John Dennis ’77
Doug D’Ewart ’77
Morgan Dewey ’77
Mike Drennan ’77
Bill Elwell ’77
Honey Fallon ’77
Bill Froelich ’77
Vin Gandolfo ’77
Dave Garratt ’77
Pete Garrison ’77
Nick Gess ’77
Jim Getchell ’77
Marcia Minyo Gilliam ’77
Jeff Goldenberg ’77
Jayne Grady-Reitan ’77
Conny Clough Graft ’77
Paul Grand Pre ’77
Chip Griffin ’77
Denise Corten Griffin ’77
Debi Ham ’77
Laurie Hawkes ’77
Ned Herter ’77
Kimberly Rossetter Higgins ’77
Julia Horowitz ’77
Greg Johnson ’77
Anne Page Jones ’77
Mike Jones ’77
Chris Keenan ’77
Ken LeClair ’77
Cinny Little ’77
Steve Locke ’77
Macauley Lord ’77
Will Lund ’77
Bruce Lynskey ’77
Stan Manousos ’77
Pam Fye Mauer ’77
Lisa McElaney ’77
Annie Gronningsater McKinley ’77
Rob Moore ’77
Myron Nakata ’77
Jim Needham ’77
Anne Fernald Niles ’77
Robert Owens ’77
Anne Pendergast ’77
Paul Plumer ’77
Sue Pollak ’77
Alan Quinlan ’77
Bill Regan ’77
Bill Rueger ’77
Jill Shaw Shaw Ruddock ’77
Patricia Simmons ’77
Jim Small ’77
Ruthie Spire Small ’77
Jim Soule ’77
Abbott Sprague ’77
Dan Starer ’77
Geoff Stout ’77
Helene Sullas-Huggins ’77
David Sweetser ’77
Martha Sullivan Sword ’77
Tom Ufer ’77
Althea Wagman-Bolster ’77
Ann Jillson Walker ’77
Carolyn Walker ’77
Vicki Weeks ’77
Bob White ’77
Laurie Scheiner Whitehouse ’77
Mark Worthing ’77
Rita Pelletier Worthing ’77
Brace Young ’77

Class of 1977 Finalized Reunion Weekend Schedule – available now!

Directions to Thursday’s Class of 1977 Welcome Gathering on the Coast in Freeport

Class of 1977 Facebook Group
If you haven’t already, be sure to join the Class of 1977 Facebook Group and please invite your friends that are from our class to join as new members. We are aiming for a record breaking attendance of over 100 attendees and need your help!

Class of 1977 Housing
​For those looking to stay off campus, a block of rooms for the Class of 1977 is being held at the Comfort Inn (199 Pleasant Street, Brunswick, 207-729-1129). Limited double and king size rooms available for $115 per night. When you call to make your reservation, mention you are with the Class of 1977 room block.

On-campus housing in the dorms is available at a cost of $30/night per person, $60/night per couple, or a maximum of $120 for Thursday – Sunday. On-campus housing can be reserved when registering for reunion.

Class of 1977 40th Reunion Committee
Laurie Hawkes
Jim Small
Mandy Hoagland Clark
John Dennis
Morgan Dewey
Pete Garrison
Jeff Goldenberg
Paul Grand Pre
Keith Halloran
Ken LeClair
Steve Locke
Gail Malitas
Rob Moore
Myron Nakata
Glenn Ebo Perry
Bill Regan
Bill Rueger
Jill Shaw Ruddock
​Ruth Spire Small
​Abbott ​Sprague
​Martha Sullivan Sword
​David Sweetser
​Tom Ufer
​Althea Wagman Bolster
​Bob White
​Brace Young

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