1968 – 50th Reunion

Save the dates for Reunion 2018 – Thursday, May 31 – Sunday, June 3, 2018!

View photos taken by student ambassadors at our 45th Reunion in 2013. Relive the memories and get ready to celebrate!

As of November 21, the following people have indicated they are planning to attend the Class of 1968’s 50th Reunion:

Ken Anderson
Noel Bailey
Rich Benedetto
David Bittenbender
Neal Bornstein
Bill Botwick
George Bowden
Bob Buchanan
Tony Buxton
Bob Corey
Carl Cramer
Sarge Cronin
Fal deSaint Phalle
Tom Donald
Dave Doughty
Bob Drake
Bill Dunlaevy
Gene Ferraro
Don Ferro
Alan Fink
E.J. Finsilver
Trisha Flint
Jon Fuller
Marc Garnick
Jim Georgitis
Jim Gessner
Marty Glazer
Ken Green
Steve Gross
Elliot Hacker
Nat Harrison
Bob Hawk
Bob Hayes
Dave Himmelstein
Peter Holmes
David Kimport
Tom Kosmo
Bob Lakin
Alan Lassila
Don Levi
Bruce Locke
Bob Macallister
Nick McConnell
Russell McMullen
Eric Melzig
Bill Miles
Kent Mohnkern
Mike Monroe
Tatsumi Morizuka
Howie Munday
Don Murinson
Chip Newell
Henry Newman
Ron Nicholis
Fred Page
Bob Parker
Ken Payson
Mike Petit
Rick Read
Gary Roberts
Floyd Rudmin
Derry Rundlett
Denny Scharer
Myles Schiller
Horace Sessions
Tom Sides
Ron Sidman
Mort Soule
Bill Strauss
Gary Towle
Jeff Winnick
Geff Yancey
Howie Zetlan

As of November 21, the following people have submitted a 50th Reunion yearbook questionnaire:

Rich Benedetto
Rich Berry
Ken Payson
Sam Rettman
Floyd Rudmin



October Yearbook Letter

Dear Classmates,

Our 50th reunion, a great chance to connect with our classmates, will be held May 31 – June 3, 2018. The Reunion Planning Committee has already met on two occasions to begin preparations for this important milestone in our lives. Hopefully you have already returned the RSVP card from our first letter indicating that you will join us. Click here to see the list of those who have indicated their plans to be back on campus. 

As part of the reunion, we prepare a reunion yearbook which includes, for each classmate, demographic information and personal thoughts about our remembrances and lives. Your personal thoughts, drafted as an essay/ode, are an important way to prepare for the reunion, to communicate with our classmates, to lay the groundwork for in-depth conversations at Reunion, and to create a permanent record of ourselves fifty years removed from our time “beneath the pines of dear old Bowdoin”.

To facilitate the collection and processing of your personal contribution to the yearbook, please click here to access a form which will serve as a guide for you and allow you to complete it electronically. We welcome your thoughts, whether composed on a topic by topic basis or as a free form essay/ode. Additionally, you may want to write about how “The Offer of the College” impacted your life. Whatever method you choose, please send your submission electronically to reunionyearbook@bowdoin.edu

We encourage you to limit your comments to no more than two pages (single spaced, font 12). While we understand that you may have the urge to write more than this arbitrary limit as your last chance to communicate with the class en masse, please be aware that we reserve the right to edit your submission for length, if necessary.

We would also appreciate your help with the following:

Photographs: Please include a picture or scanned picture of you as a young man, one of you today, a shot of you and your spouse or family, and perhaps a couple of others that you like. We’ll either use them in the yearbook or the class video that we create for the reunion. If you would like to see the 45th reunion video please check it out at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q-oiLQ5X1K0. ​

Stories: if you have a story about yourself or a classmate which would be of interest to the group, please write it down and share it with us. We are considering having classmates tell some of these at some point during the weekend. 

Deceased and Lost Classmates: We intend to include obituaries for all deceased classmates and would like to include information on “Lost” classmates as well. If you have comments/words about any of these classmates, please submit them for inclusion in the Yearbook (please send a separate note to: reunionyearbook@bowdoin.edu).

We look forward to receiving your contributions for the yearbook as an integral part of a terrific reunion and sincerely hope that you will make your contribution to this effort.

We intend to distribute the year books by May 1, 2018 so that you will be able to read them prior to reunion.

Ken Anderson

Class of 1968 – 50th Reunion Committee

Gift Co-Chairs
Richard F. Benedetto
Robert F. Lakin

Planning Co-Chairs
Noel E. Bailey
Eugene Ferraro

Committee Members
Kenneth D. Anderson
Anthony W. Buxton
Robert C. Corey
David G. Doughty Jr.
J. Williar Dunlaevy
Donald C. Ferro
Alan M. Fink
Marc B. Garnick
Martin A. Glazer
Elliot Hacker
Nathaniel B. Harrison
Peter F. Hayes
Robert E. Hayes Jr.
David L. Kimport
Thomas M. Kosmo
Bruce Locke
Nicholas S. McConnell
Stewart P. Newell
Michael R. Petit
C. Richard. Read
Ellsworth T. Rundlett III
Thomas B. Sides
Morton G. Soule
Jeffrey M. Winnick
George F.T. Yancey Jr.
Howard A. Zetlan