1968 - 50th Reunion

Videos Gene Ferraro created for Saturday's 1968 Banquet
Class of 1968 Video
Dave Doughty Video

Almost 1,800 people were back on campus for Reunion Weekend 2018! Classmates, family, and friends enjoyed a Night at the Museum, sampled the finest in New England craft beers, danced to Motown band Soul City, attended inspiring talks by fellow alumni, ate lobster, sang, savored the beauty of Bowdoin in the summertime, and most importantly, enjoyed visiting with old friends. ​​​​​

View photos taken by this year’s Reunion Student Ambassadors.​​​​

The following people attended the Class of 1968 Reunion:

Hank Adams ’68
Ken Anderson ’68
Noel Bailey ’68
Tom Beaman ’68
Renny Beckwith ’68
Rich Benedetto ’68
Rich Berry ’68
David Bittenbender ’68
Neal Bornstein ’68
Bill Botwick ’68
George Bowden ’68
Doug Brown ’68
Bob Buchanan ’68
Tony Buxton ’68
Neil Caruso ’68
Stephen Chandler ’68
Bob Corey ’68
Ted Cronin ’68
Don Day ’68
John Delano ’68
Fal deSaint Phalle ’68
Tom Donald ’68
Bill Dunlaevy ’68
Gene Ferraro ’68
Don Ferro ’68
Alan Fink ’68
E.J. Finsilver ’68
Trisha Skehan Flint W’68
Chet Freeman ’68
Jon Fuller ’68
Dana Gallup ’68
Marc Garnick ’68
Jim Georgitis ’68
JR Getsinger ’68
Marty Glazer ’68
Ken Green ’68
Elliot Hacker ’68
Chris Hanks ’68
Nat Harrison ’68
Bob Hawk ’68
Bob Hayes ’68
Dave Himmelstein ’68
Peter Holmes ’68
Jan Janjigian ’68
Jay Jellison ’68
Tom Kosmo ’68
Bob Lakin ’68
Bruce Locke ’68
Bob Macallister ’68
Nick McConnell ’68
Russell McMullen ’68
Eric Melzig ’68
Bill Miles ’68
Kent Mohnkern ’68
Mike Monroe ’68
Howie Munday ’68
Don Murinson ’68
George Najemy ’68
Alan Neuren ’68
Chip Newell ’68
Henry Newman ’68
Fred Page ’68
Bob Parker ’68
Ellen Smith Patterson W’68
Mike Petit ’68
Duane Polisner ’68
Mackin Pulsifer ’68
Roger Raffetto ’68
Bob Randall ’68
Rick Read ’68
Tom Roulston ’68
Floyd Rudmin ’68
Derry Rundlett ’68
Denny Scharer ’68
Myles Schiller ’68
Horace Sessions ’68
Tom Sides ’68
Ron Sidman ’68
Dave Soule ’68
Mort Soule ’68
Richard Spear ’68
Bill Strauss ’68
Bob Timberlake ’68
Gary Towle ’68
Dave Van Varick ’68
Pete Vanderwaart ’68
Drew Webb ’68
Jeff Winnick ’68
Geff Yancey ’68
Howie Zetlan ’68

50th Reunion Documents and Links
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50th Reunion Giving
Gift Planning

Class of 1968 – 50th Reunion Committee

Gift Co-Chairs
Richard F. Benedetto
Robert F. Lakin

Planning Co-Chairs
Noel E. Bailey
Eugene Ferraro

Committee Members
Kenneth D. Anderson
Anthony W. Buxton
Robert C. Corey
David G. Doughty Jr.
J. Williar Dunlaevy
Donald C. Ferro
Alan M. Fink
Marc B. Garnick
Martin A. Glazer
Elliot Hacker
Nathaniel B. Harrison
Peter F. Hayes
Robert E. Hayes Jr.
David L. Kimport
Thomas M. Kosmo
Bruce Locke
Nicholas S. McConnell
Stewart P. Newell
Michael R. Petit
C. Richard. Read
Ellsworth T. Rundlett III
Thomas B. Sides
Morton G. Soule
Jeffrey M. Winnick
George F.T. Yancey Jr.
Howard A. Zetlan