1967 – 50th Reunion

Reunion 2017 was one for the record books! The 2s and 7s returned to set the record for the highest overall attendance and highest number of alumni ever at a Bowdoin Reunion!

View Class of 1967 photos taken by our student ambassadors and College photographer photos from the weekend and relive the celebration!

Class of 1967 50th Reunion Photo

Class of 1967 Discussions
Speech, Expression, and Respect at Bowdoin


Living a Life that Matters

Bowdoin, from 1967 til now
The Past 50 Years

Whispering Pines from 1963-1967
’63 – ’64

’64 – ’65

’65 – ’66
’66 – ’67

Class of 1967 Registration Documents

Class of 1967 Registration Letter
Class of 1967 Registration Form
Class of 1967 Weekend Schedule
Class of 1967 Golf Form
Class of 1967 Reunion Housing

Class of 1967 50th Reunion Committee

Gift Co-Chairs
G. Calvin Mackenzie
Peter R. Merry
Richard S. Pike
Planning Chair
David F. Huntington
Thomas H. Allen
Richard H. Bamberger
Daniel E. Boxer
Timothy F. Brooks
Cynthia Bush
Richard P. Caliri
Virgil H. Cumming
Leslie A. Ferlazzo
Peter D. Gross
James B. Harris
Steven P. Heinrich
Bertrand N. Kendall
Edwin L. Russell
Alexander K. Salmela
Lendall L. Smith
Drew Spalding
Christopher T. Speh
Frank J. Taylor
Joseph V. Vumbacco
Lee Vumbacco

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