Old Guard

A record-setting number of Polar Bears enjoyed a wonderful weekend on campus for Reunion this year. With almost 1,800 people attending, the Classes of 1951, 1966, 1976, 1981, and 2006 all set attendance records for their respective Reunion years.

Classmates, family, and friends laughed at comedian Bob Marley, sampled the finest in New England craft beers, danced to Motown band Soul City, attended inspiring talks by fellow alumni, ate lobster, sang, savored the beauty of Bowdoin in the summertime, and most importantly, enjoyed visiting with old friends.


The following classmates attended Reunion 2016:
Suzanne Armstong W’40
Cam Cary ’46
Bob Morrell ’47
Fred Spaulding ’47
Widge Thomas ’47
Lou Bove ’48
Janie Hennessey W’49
Earle Wilson ’49
Dana Mey Barnard W’50
Mert Henry ’50
Elfriede Dagne Nicholson W’50
Ellie Asherman W’52
Claude Bonang ’52
George Maling ’52
Bob Morrison ’52
Jim Connellan ’53
Joe de Rivera ’53
Guy Emery ’53
Dick Getchell ’53
John Belka ’54
Bob Cushman ’54
Frank Davis ’54
Ben Ford ’54
Al Litchfield ’54
Carol Markell W’54
Whit Garland ’55
Mel Hodgkins ’55
Hugh Huleatt ’55
Rupert White ’55
Bill Cooke ’57
Dave Ham ’57
Kent Hobby ’57
David Kessler ’57
Ed Langbein ’57
Dick Lyman ’57
Jim Millar ’57
Tom Needham ’57
Payson Perkins ’57
Bob Shepherd ’57
John Snow ’57
Nate Winer ’57
Paul Estes ’59
Bob Mulligan ’59
Bucky Owen ’59
Gene Waters ’59
Lisa Blake W’60
Joe Carven ’60
Glenn Frankenfield ’60
Dave Luce ’62
Bob Millar ’62
Nick Nickerson ’62
David Roberts ’62
Peter Webster ’62
Wayne Adams ’63
Tony Antolini ’63
Bill Mason ’63
Skip Robinson ’64
Al Ryan ’64

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